April 25 Reflections

Transition Story

There are times in life when something quirky, or unusual, or even seemingly impossible happens and God is all over it, speaking to the heart and mind. I have had such an experience recently. Ever since declining the position at Maurice Reformed Church there has been a holy uncomfortableness with declining a Specialized Transitional Ministry position. I have been praying about this, meditating in times of solitude. While on the Churches Learning Change Retreat in March and the following weekend doing a 60-mile run, I had a lot of time for solitude, prayer, and reflection. I believe that God was moving in my heart in an undeniable way. In a time of crying out to God for direction in this holy movement in my heart, all I heard was “be open.”

I went to bed on Monday evening with those words “be open.” All I said to God was, “I am open. I am listening.” I went to sleep. In the morning when I woke up, I eventually checked my email. There was an email from the president of the Council at Immanuel CRC in Orange City. It started with, “Rev. Boone as a council we were wondering if you would be open to serving as a Specialized Transitional Minister at Immanuel.”  I was literally struck with a sense of awe. This does not just happen. How could I not be open? Since that initial email conversation that, “yes I sensed compelled to be open.” God has continued to be in the conversation. This is not something I pursued or sent out feelers. It is the CRC not the RCA. I did not have any specific contact with anyone in the CRC to pursue this type of position. It truly was and still seems impossible.

But I believe God is in this. The opening and leading has filled me with awe at God’s presence. I believe that God is redirecting my life to accept the position as Specialized Transitional Minister at Immanuel CRC in Orange City. Note this is a redirection, not a rejection of First Reformed Church in Rock Valley. The years of service for me have been positive in many ways, challenging in others, but always I tried to lead in grace. An amazing truth about God is he is the One who goes before us and is always with us. “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged.” (Deuteronomy 31:8) My hope is that God will be our strength as my life/ministry will be redirected to Immanuel CRC and the life of First Reformed will be continued to be filled with the goodness of God in accepting God’s love, growing in the Word and Spirit, and serving others.

Grace upon Grace,


I will become the Specialized Transitional Minister at Immanuel CRC in Orange City on June 1, 2021.