May 23 Reflections

This is technically my farewell Sunday or last Sunday with you, though not, I will still be preaching next Sunday because of the extreme difficulty to find pulpit supply on Memorial Day weekend.  But this is the farewell Sunday and therefore the farewell message. What are some things that I want to leave you with? I am going to list some things in bullet points that I believe are important to remember.

  • Remember that your personal life and the life of the church are lived in this moment and forward, not backwards. Learn from the past…live in the moment…lean into the future.
  • Remember the order of the spiritual life…grace is first…then faith…the result is works. If you change the order you will mess up spiritual living.
  • Remember you cannot change others…fix others…save others…control others…make others happy. You can show up by loving well…simply loving well.
  • Remember the church belongs to Jesus…not you.
  • Remember to dialog with one another, not debate with one another.
  • Remember to live in the grace of “could”, not in the shame of “should.”
  • Remember to live in the grace of “want to” and not in the shame of “have to.”
  • Remember the importance of round table discussions where we state clearly individual beliefs and listen attentively to others.
  • Remember to let your yes and no be lived out in the freedom and joy of your identity, self-definition, and mission. Say “no” without feeling shame and say “yes” without thinking duty.
  • Remember in times of conflict, accusation, or criticism to define yourself, not defend yourself…
  • Remember that the desire is to let our hearts beat with the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit…so that what is important to the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit is important to us…
  • Remember to accept one another as Christ accepts you… (Romans 15:7)
  • Remember that there is nothing you can do to make God love you more, there is nothing you can do to make God love you less, God loves you in this moment as much as it is possible for an infinite God to love.
  • Remember that faith is knowing content, expressing belief, and then resting your whole life in the truth… (just like sitting in a chair.)
  • Remember to rest deeper in God’s love, not work harder.
  • Remember that God is big, and people are small.
  • Remember that in this move I am not rejecting you, nor is God rejecting you, it is simply God redirecting me to another place to use the gifts given to me and redirecting this church to another leader.
  • Remember it is always grace upon grace upon grace upon grace upon grace…it is saved by grace alone.

Grace upon Grace,