October 13 Reflections

Reflections for October 13, 2019

Wanda Holloway is the Texas mom who hired a hit man to kill a 13-year-old girl Amber Heath and her 38-year-old mother Verna Heath because Amber made the Jr. High Cheerleading squad ahead of her daughter Shanna. She thought that if both were killed Shanna would be on the squad. The plot failed when the person she contacted for the hit grew a conscious and reported her. The desire for herself to be somebody through her daughter’s accomplishments started in her heart; started with coveting. Coveting is an intense desire for something that someone else has which often leads to pursuing it. Coveting is at the heart of all the commandments. Am I enough? Will I have enough?

The story of the Texas mom is an extreme case, but you and I face the same temptations in our heart. The house that someone else…the car that person drives…the success of a sports team…dance team…band…choir…the spouse of someone else…physical looks…the job…the amount of money made…the other church…the clothes. The list can go on and on. Coveting is in all our hearts. There is a continuum. Coveting starts with admiration, though admiration is not the same as coveting. It moves to desiring which really is still not coveting. The next step is an intense longing for something/someone, that started as admiration and desire, which leads to a complete dissatisfaction with what you have.  Admiration…Desire…Intense longing…Dissatisfaction with what you have…Pursuit. One person described this continuum in this way. You are in the dating stage of life. You admire a certain couple’s relationship. You desire to have the same kind of relationship. Where the line is crossed into coveting is when your heart says I want to have that kind of relationship with that young man or woman not just anybody. Intense longing for that one person leads to dissatisfaction with the one he/she is dating. And the pursuit begins. The heart has crossed the line to bondage; not freedom.

God does not desire behavior modification; he wants heart transformation. He wants us to know that we are at the very root of our lives loved unconditionally by him. This is our identity. In our hearts to know that we are enough and that we will have enough, sets us free to know joyful contentment.  That is what we are going to think about this week. Some possible passages to read and reflect upon: Exodus 20:17; Philippians 4:10-13; 1 Timothy 6:6-10; Hebrews 13:5-8.

Grace upon Grace,

Pastor Verlyn