March 22 Reflections

Reflections for March 22, 2020

Faith with Wisdom not Fear

The world has changed. The last few months the emotional state of the whole world has moved from awareness to concern to in many places and hearts panic. The anxiety meter has hit 10 on a 1 to 10 scale with COVID-19. As people who claim to “believe that our only comfort in life and in death is that we belong body and soul in life and in death to our faithful Savior Jesus Christ”; how do we respond? Notice I said respond, not react. A reaction is a non-faith and non-mindful solution to a crisis which causes the anxiety to rise. A response is faith based and is a mindful solution based in reality. Faith and our minds which God gave us are used in a response. COVID-19 is serious. With faith and wisdom, we need to respond for our own lives and others.

As I have said before the most heard command in all of scripture is, “Do not be afraid.” “Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you.” (Isaiah 41:10) The call is to not live in fear; but rather in faith with a lot of wisdom thrown in. God is God. God is big. God loves us. God promises us wisdom. 

In faith with wisdom I encourage us to not live in fear.  We are following guidelines provided by the CDC and our state leaders. I am not going to let my pride get in the way thinking I know better than the health professionals. Here is our response as a church.

  • Until further notice all activities at the church facility are either cancelled or postponed to a later date.
  • A modified worship service will be live streamed and on our local cable channel at 9:30 AM on Sunday morning.
  • Giving of offering can be done in several ways: 1. You can drop off or send your gift to the church office. 2. You can go to Premier Bank and deposit directly in the church account.  3. An offering receptacle has also been placed inside the east door. You can place your offering in there as well.

This week I am going to be speaking to the issue of faith in the face of crisis. We will look together on Sunday morning at Jesus’ words in Luke 12:22, “Do not worry…” Yes, there are reasons for worry, fear and anxiety, yet Jesus says there are greater reasons to live in faith, trust and hope. We are going to look at those reasons on Sunday morning. Some passages to read and reflect upon: Luke 12:22-34; Psalm 46; Isaiah 41:10; Matthew 14:22-32.

Grace upon Grace,

Pastor Verlyn