January 5 Reflections

A personal growth tool that I use called the Enneagram challenged me in the Ennea Thought for the Day on December 31 with these words. “Lay the groundwork for continued growth without making resolutions except one-to let go of the past, connect with yourself, to Wake Up, and be present.” So, I took this to heart and sought to define what it looks like for me. Letting go of the past looks like this for me: I am thankful for my past, but I am not going in that direction (Josh Becker post); I will honor my past; but not live in it; I will learn from my past and write new vows for today and the future, new affirmations about myself; I will show up as 64 year old Verlyn, not 12 year old Verlyn.

Connecting with myself is being present to my current reality: my spiritual health; my physical health; my mental health; my emotional health; and my relational health. Wake Up means to ask the question, “How am I showing up?” Am I awake to the love of Jesus in my life? I want to fall in love with Jesus every morning that I might love well. Be present. I want to be mindful of each moment. I want to be where my feet are planted, not somewhere else, neither the past nor the future, but now! Fully alive in the love of Jesus, loving others well.

As I have been reflecting on some of these truths in the life of the church, I believe a series on healthy relationships with one another is a positive way to begin the year. During Lent we will think together about a healthy relationship with God and then following Easter healthy relationships with our own selves. In many ways they all intertwine; but I will try to stay specific to begin with, healthy relationships with others, whether in church, or community, or marriage and families. This week we will look at the life of Daniel and how he stays healthy in his relationships with others by knowing his identity, defining himself and staying connected to others even when they might disagree. Let’s pray that we can grow all year long in healthy relationships in all aspects of our lives. Some passages to read in preparation for Sunday: Daniel 1:1-21Psalm 100; Romans 14:1-12.

Grace upon Grace,

Pastor Verlyn